make ︎ (un)learn  ︎ share ︎ speculate ︎ copy-paste ︎ act ︎ stupid ideas ︎ economies ︎all ︎

make ︎ (un)learn  ︎ share ︎ speculate ︎ copy-paste ︎ act ︎ stupid ideas ︎ economies ︎ all ︎  


︎performative walk
︎Netzwerk Woche 2022
︎Künstler*innen Häuser Worpswede, Germany 
︎27.Aug  2022
︎︎︎ Neustart
︎︎︎ stä 

SpätiSpäti was part of the „Netzwerk Woche 2022“ in Worpswede which was a getting together of different art practitioners who were exchanging on the topic „Stipendienstätte der Zukunft“.

This engagement includes questioning existing funding structures, common formats, selection processes, and access options, as well as content, and trying to rethink together.

In the end of the week during the summer festival of the Künstler*innenhäuser Worpswede, spätispäti invited to a tour, which should give a different perspective on the building stock of the studio houses:  

walk of lies plays with local and historical knowledge and makes it possible to put foreseeable futures into dialogue with possible alternatives by blurring the facts.

The performativ format on building associations was a guided tour through the existing building. We travelled in time, space, topographie and collective ideas on how the history and the future of a site was, is and could be.e enable real connections and collective learning without space, without contact? Weekly meetings, online in the group in 2D and on-site in flesh and blood, adapting to the contact guidelines of the German government, open a space that questions, or perhaps performs, forms of appropriation in the collective.

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