make ︎ (un)learn  ︎ share ︎ speculate ︎ copy-paste ︎ act ︎ stupid ideas ︎ economies ︎all ︎

make ︎ (un)learn  ︎ share ︎ speculate ︎ copy-paste ︎ act ︎ stupid ideas ︎ economies ︎ all ︎  


︎spatial research
︎Haus der Statistik, Berlin 
︎ September 2019
︎︎︎ cooperation with Making Futures, Haus der Statistik

SPÄTISPÄTI was founded during the Making Futures Bauhaus+ Summer School in Berlin in September 2019. As a prop in the form of a convenient store within the summer school at Haus der Statistik the room-within-a-room was transformed into a place for open discussions, of caring for one another, knowledge exchange, bidding, critical consumption and other performative activities. How can such a place be created in the course of two weeks? We dealt with the question of what we actually need and whether need can be equated with longing.  

images : ©spaetispaeti 

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