make ︎ (un)learn  ︎ share ︎ speculate ︎ copy-paste ︎ act ︎ stupid ideas ︎ economies ︎all ︎

make ︎ (un)learn  ︎ share ︎ speculate ︎ copy-paste ︎ act ︎ stupid ideas ︎ economies ︎ all ︎  


︎collective reading 
︎Floating University Berlin 
︎ 08.09.2022 
︎︎︎ In collaboration with Sofia Orgokova, Climate Care Festival 

When asked to join the Climate Care Festival: Rewilding Years with a collective reading, some members of SpätiSpäti were knee-deep into the dirt of their Master thesis research. This messy collection of texts and canon-like co-reading of them reflects on our Interest in eco-feminism, new materialism and the muddy realities we are constantly confronted with.
The texts chosen for Climate Care Festivals own Reader are: Creative Ecologies: Theorizing the Practice of Architecture (2018) by Hélène Frichot; The Case of the Death of Nature: A Mistery by Diana Balmori (in: The Sex of Architecture, 1996); Big Jugs by Jennifer Bloomer (in: The Histerical Male, 1991); Waste and Dirt: Notes on the Architecture of Compost by William W. Braham (in: Dirt, 2012).

An added Pamphlet with writings that originated in SeminarSeminar 3.2 by Sofia Orgokova about Torf, the dirty matter extracted from our dried up wetlands and much connected to climate crisis, concluded this explorative reading while sitting with our feet in the mud of Floating Universities grounds.

images : (c) SpätiSpäti

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