make ︎ (un)learn  ︎ share ︎ speculate ︎ copy-paste ︎ act ︎ stupid ideas ︎ economies ︎all ︎

make ︎ (un)learn  ︎ share ︎ speculate ︎ copy-paste ︎ act ︎ stupid ideas ︎ economies ︎ all ︎  


︎SeminarSeminar 3.2
︎ Summersemester 2021︎︎︎ in collaboration with Künstler*innenhäuser Worpswede, Alberthall and the Students of UDK

The second excursion on the topic "Density" was the first seminar without Covid-19 restrictions. Thus, „density“could be experienced in all its nuances.The collective thinking and experimenting turned outwards and focused on three different topics which were related to the host town Worpswede. The Kiosk was used as a place of possibilities, of inviting, of storytelling and storylistening and was creating encounter and connection to the inhabitants of Worpswede.We also explored the last remnants of the destroyed Teufelsmoor and looked for the possibility to illustrate the story of destruction but also to give hope trough reviving the spirits of the moor. In a performance ceremony we were called upon to bring back pieces of peat to the Moor, wet them and thus appease the spirit, which eventually danced with us.In a guided walk of lies we exposed the shallowness of worship and historicity: Fields, Birds, monuments, monoments trees, eggs, grapes and acorns exchanged roles and therefore showed the transformability of definitions and the illusion of permanence.

SeminarSeminar is a format initiated at the UdK Berlin in the Summersemester 2020. Within it, SpätiSpäti tries to gather the distributed energy of students and offers a structure where this exchange can take place outside the walls of an institution. In SeminarSeminar we try to stay physically engaged in the spaces that surround us. We organize and work with(less)out hierarchies. We try our best to remain transparent and accessible to everyone interested. If you want to appropriate this format at your own institution, see our SeminarSeminar 101 doc!

Since April 2020, the SeminarSeminar has been organized every semester and has explored different topics such has : COLLECTIVITY, APPROPRIATION, DENSITY, (NON)HIERARCHY, FRICTION and HEAD IN THE CLOUDS.


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