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make ︎ (un)learn  ︎ share ︎ speculate ︎ copy-paste ︎ act ︎ stupid ideas ︎ economies ︎ all ︎  


︎SeminarSeminar 3.1
︎ Summersemester 2021︎︎︎ in collaboration with Künstler*innenhäuser Worpswede, Alberthall and the Students of UDK

„How do we recreate social density within social distancing in these times and spaces? We escape the city, we dive in a sparse landscape, we explore urban spheres far from density in compressed circumstances to densify, to spend an intense time with a distance while being locally connected through public space, daily rituals and residential separation.“

Seminar 3.0 extended its working sphere with a locally-distant "non-excursion" to Worpswede, a small town near Bremen, which invited us to stay and experiment in its specific context and boundaries. At that time the COVID-19 regulations specified that only two people from different households may stay in one room and that distance must generally be kept from others. These requirements became a curriculum, a challenge and a field of experimentation. The goal was to explore the concept of density in a time of separation. To become actors in a controlled environment a small town that compresses time and space. The format of a block seminar helped to condense thoughts, actions, and new ways of connecting with each other.
The rules remained the same: each participant was both teacher and student, decisions were made collectively, responsibilities were shared.

We appropriated a kiosk that embodied the paradox: located in the middle of town but on a large, abandoned parking lot, it seemed as if frozen in time. Deprived of its meaning and doubtfully persevering just like us all with the question in mind whether its old life would return. Through experimental actions of being together in distant we gently breathed life and hope into it again.

SeminarSeminar is a format initiated at the UdK Berlin in the Summersemester 2020. Within it, SpätiSpäti tries to gather the distributed energy of students and offers a structure where this exchange can take place outside the walls of an institution.

In SeminarSeminar we try to stay physically engaged in the spaces that surround us. We organize and work with(less)out hierarchies. We try our best to remain transparent and accessible to everyone interested. If you want to appropriate this format at your own institution, see our SeminarSeminar 101 doc!

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