make ︎ (un)learn  ︎ share ︎ speculate ︎ copy-paste ︎ act ︎ stupid ideas ︎ economies ︎all ︎

make ︎ (un)learn  ︎ share ︎ speculate ︎ copy-paste ︎ act ︎ stupid ideas ︎ economies ︎ all ︎  


︎SeminarSeminar 1.0
︎digital Space WebEx, Floating University Berlin
︎Summersemester 2020
︎︎︎ In collaboration with students of the UdK Berlin 

We’ve been told,
it’s all about making
about exchanging
about meeting

but you won’t have a place to do so
the virus has flattened space
the semester is a big make 2D
all on a computer screen

But if we had a space
a three-dimensional space
where we could exchange without meeting
Make together without touching
Reflect and spend time and stay safe.

A seminar without teachers, led by students about the topic of how and what we can (and want) to learn from each other. In times of a global pandemic. How can we enable real connections and collective learning without space, without contact, without hierarchies? What began as a questioning of the current teaching structures in higher education institutions proved to be a real alternative to the slowly reacting and inflexible teaching at the beginning of the corona pandemic. Weekly meetings, online in 2D in the large group and on-site in flesh and blood at Floating University, adapting to the contact guidelines of the German Federal Government, open up a space that is concerned with teaching and the collective. Each participant is seen as both teacher and learner, decisions are made collectively, responsibilities are shared.

SeminarSeminar is a format initiated at the UdK Berlin in the Summersemester 2020. Within it, SpätiSpäti tries to gather the distributed energy of students and offers a structure where this exchange can take place outside the walls of an institution. In SeminarSeminar we try to stay physically engaged in the spaces that surround us. We organize and work with(less)out hierarchies. We try our best to remain transparent and accessible to everyone interested. If you want to appropriate this format at your own institution, see our SeminarSeminar 101 doc!

Since April 2020, the SeminarSeminar has been organized every semester and has explored different topics such has : COLLECTIVITY, APPROPRIATION, DENSITY, (NON)HIERARCHY, FRICTION and HEAD IN THE CLOUDS.

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